New Song Release: Misty Mountains Cold (The Hobbit)

As part of Classical Crossover Magazine‘s August 2022 Concert, ‘Movies and Musicals’, I created a cover of ‘Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold’  from The Hobbit.

I really wanted to pick something different to sing for this concert, and spent a long time racking my brains for a song I had not yet covered. 

I decided to veer away from the standard female-sung, well-known songs and go for a song originally performed by a bass singer. 



I have always loved The Hobbit, from the books to to the films. Richard Armitage’s performance of ‘Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold’ in the movie has always stuck with me as a haunting, powerful folk song. 

I hadn’t heard a female voice cover it, so decided to stick with the original key and sing it up several octaves. 

I used the backing track from Geoff Castlelucci’s a cappella cover, which provided the perfect contrast of low, base voices against the high soprano melody.  

We recorded the video to the song underneath the beautiful Brill Windmill, Buckinghamshire, during the most stunning sunset. 

We chose this location as Tolkein actually used Brill as his inspiration for creating the fictional location of Bree in the books, as he used to visit Brill often when he lived in Oxford!

The epic landscape was the perfect backdrop for the song. If you’d like to see the full performance, you can watch the song here on my YouTube channel!

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