Online Singing Lessons

Online Singing Lessons

Online Singing Lessons
& Vocal Coaching

What Do I Offer?

I offer one-to-one online singing lessons to students of all abilities who are looking to improve their vocal ability and enjoy singing! 

Whether you are a seasoned performer, a complete beginner, or looking to reignite your passion for singing…

I can help you... with online singing lessons!

  • Lesson Frequency

    Weekly, monthly, as-and-when: what suits you!

  • Lesson Duration

    30 or 60 minute lessons are available.

  • 30 Minute Online Singing Lesson

    Technical work applied to a song of your choice to add ease, agility, range and any other technical skills you may want to cover!

  • 60 Minute Online Singing Lesson

    Everything within a 30-minute lesson but with additional time to delve into multiple songs at a deeper, technical level.

zoe mace online singing lessons teacher
Optimum Vocal Health
Sustainable Vocal Balance
Correct Vocal Technique
Unique Vocal Style

What You'll Learn With Me

Develop Your Singing Ability Online

Lessons are completely personalised and tailored to developing your voice to achieve your personal singing goals.

Regardless of your genre preferences, you will learn optimum vocal health habits to keep your voice healthy, correct vocal technique to ensure your singing is safe and sustainable, and how to connect to your true voice and release your own, unique vocal style.

How Do My Online Singing Lessons Work?

What to Expect from an Online Singing Lesson

All of my online singing lessons are delivered through either Zoom or Skype.

As with an in-person singing lesson, we will begin with scales and exercises for me to see where your voice is currently at and tailor our following exercises to suit your current vocal position.

We will then put these techniques and exercises into practice through singing songs that suit your vocal ability and style preference.

Depending on your goals, we may delve further into areas such as acting through song, developing your musical ear, combating stage nerves, stage presence and awareness… The list is endless!

There are no travel requirements for either me or you, so there’s more freedom in both where and when you take your lesson.

You can take your online singing lesson anywhere that you have enough room to both stand and sit!

A Bit About Me...

What is My Singing Experience?

I have been performing as a professional classical singer for 18 years. I perform regularly as a classical soloist but have experience performing Popular, Musical Theatre, Jazz and Folk music.

I studied operatic voice at the Royal Academy of Music alongside my Music degree at King’s College London, and went on to study a Masters degree in Text and Performance at RADA.

I am constantly learning and keeping up-to-date on the latest vocal pedagogy for all genres.

Reasons to Choose Me for Your Online Singing Lessons

Why Choose Me?

18 Years Experience

I have performed regularly in a variety of genres and ensembles for almost two decades.

BMus (Hons) | MA

I have studied Music and Performance at top institutions including King’s College London, Royal Academy of Music and RADA.

Fun, Friendly Lessons

All of my lessons are focused on you enjoying yourself whilst developing your vocal ability!

Online singing lessons


  • Learn essential vocal technique
  • Increase your vocal range
  • Improve your projection
  • Understand vocal health
  • Control pitch, tone and vibrato
  • Improve diction and phrasing
  • Tailored practice regime for between lessons
  • Enjoy learning songs you love!


  • Everything included in a 30-minute lesson, plus:
  • Performance coaching
  • Tackling performance anxiety
  • Exam/concert preparation
  • Lyric learning techniques
  • Multiple song work in one lesson
  • Deeper analysis into technique
  • In-depth approach to songs to really make them your own!

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