Pre-Lesson Warm Up Guide!

Sometimes it’s tricky to know what to do when you’re waiting for your lesson, or wanting to warm up in the week, but are not sure where to start, which key to start in, or what exercises to use.

My Pre-Lesson Warm Up Video will take all the work out of this for you, and is the best way to get the most out of our lesson time together, or simply to keep your voice warm, agile and progressing between lessons! 

This Guided Video is Great For:

  • A thorough warm up before your lesson with me!
  • Using as a practice guide once a day for a safe, effective vocal workout!
  • Beginning your vocal journey before trying a lesson!
  • Warming up before a concert or performance!
  • Any kind of voice users who need a bit of a vocal check-in!



My Pre-Lesson Warm Up Video is designed to take all of the guesswork out of warming up, leaving your voice ready to go for your singing lesson, practice session or performance.

This guided video will take you through a series of SOVT warm up exercises with lots of options available to get you ready to sing in the most comfortable way for you and your voice!


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