Song-Specific Feedback!


Upcoming audition, concert or just want a second pair of ears on the song you’re working on?

My Song-Specific Feedback is a great, affordable option to receive personalised, tailored video feedback to a recording of you singing a song up to 5-minutes long!

This is Great For:

  • New singers looking for a starting point to feel and hear improvements straight away!
  • Regular students wanting a top-up between sessions!
  • Experienced singers looking to fine tune a song or audition piece!
  • Progressing your singing without the time or financial commitment of a full lesson!
  • Anyone who isn’t quite ready for a one-to-one lesson!

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Eleanor Atwood


How Does it Work?

  • Record a video of you singing a song up to 5 minutes in length.
  • Purchase the ‘Song-Specific Feedback’ above.
  • E-mail me your mp4 file to (WeTransfer is nice and easy!).
  • Add additional information to your e-mail that might be helpful for me to know (your singing experience, any specific areas that you would particularly like feedback and advice on!)
  • Once I have received both your payment and video, I will then respond to you via email within 48 hours with video feedback, including specific exercises, modifications and techniques for you to try!


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