Straw CoolDown Programme: Straw Workout Series

Welcome to my Straw WorkOut Series.


This is the Straw CoolDown Programme.


I’m so excited to share the magic that is straw phonation with you all, and have you hear and feel the difference in your own voices!


What is Straw Phonation?

Straw Phonation is a form of an SOVT exercise. SOVT stands for Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract exercises. This is just a fancy way of saying a part of your vocal tract is partially closed. Your vocal tract is everything from your larynx (which houses your vocal folds) up to your mouth. The decisions you make as a singer in this area (for example, how you use your articulators, like your jaw, tongue and lips) is going to determine what the sound you produce will come across like.


What Can Straw Phonation Achieve?

  • Align your vocal folds for the most efficient way of singing
  • Work through your passaggio (the break between your vocal registers)
  • Safely stretch your vocal range
  • Increase your vocal flexibility
  • Gently aid your vocal recovery after illness or vocal fatigue
  • Make it feel EASIER to sing!


This Programme is Great For:

  • ANYONE looking to improve their singing or vocal ability!
  • ANYONE looking to take the guesswork out of what singing exercises to use to practice!
  • ANYONE looking to progress their singing without the time or financial commitment of a one-to-one lesson!
  • New singers looking for a starting point to feel and hear improvements straight away!
  • Regular students wanting an easy-to-follow guide between lessons with me!
  • Experienced singers looking to keep on top of their vocal health, expand their skill set and continue their growth!



This is the Straw CoolDown Programme.


When Should I Do Each Programme?

I’ve put together a Straw WarmUp, Straw WorkOut, and a Straw CoolDown Programme for you to follow in this series.

The Straw WarmUp Programme is best used before you start working on your songs to gently warm your voice up, find alignment and balance, and get yourself ready to get the most out of your singing session!

The Straw WorkOut Programme is focused on really developing your voice, focusing on key areas from flexibility and agility to breath control and range expansion.


The Straw Cool Down (this one!) Programme can be used anytime when your voice is feeling a little tired or used, designed to ‘reset’ your vocal folds, reduce fatigue and leave them feeling relaxed and healthy.


FREE Extra Programme…

For those who buy all 3 programmes, you also get a FREE bonus programme of Technical Straw Work, showing you how to get the most out of your song work using a straw. This is a real game changer!


What Straw Should I Use?

I’m going to be demonstrating these programmes using the SOVT Straw, as it has 12 differing intensities of resistance so, as your vocal journey progresses, you can adjust the intensity to increase your vocal workouts.

If you’d like to get your own SOVT Straw, you can use my code ZOEMACE to get a 15% discount on your purchase – it’s a really great tool to have for your singing journey!



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