Ten Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Online Singing Lessons

Online Singing Lessons are packed full of benefits; you can take them from the comfort of your own home, there’s no travel involved for teacher or student (so we’re reducing traffic and air pollution too!), you can finish your lesson and get straight on with your day, and you can take your lesson from anywhere in the world!

There’s a few steps that we can take to ensure that your online singing lesson is the best it possibly can be.

Try these tips before your next lesson and feel and see the difference for yourself!

1. Have a Good, Stable Internet Connection

The more reliable your internet connection is, the more like an in-person lesson your online singing lesson will feel. Close all open internet browser tabs before joining your lesson, and make sure no one in your household is using the internet for anything major (like downloading films!). If your Wi-Fi is notoriously problematic, consider using an ethernet cable for a more stable connection, or moving to a room closer to your Wi-Fi router.

2. Set Up Your Space!

It’s great to have the option to both sit and stand during your lessons. Having room to move around you will make you feel more relaxed into your lesson, as well as giving us the ability to use your entire body in our lessons and get the most out of your sound. While you don’t need tons of space, feeling comfortable and not cramped is really helpful to ease you into your lesson.

3. Set Up Your Device

Your device’s camera should be positioned in a way that I can see your entire face and upper body. You should also make sure that you have not accidentally concealed or covered the microphone on your device while setting it up; a quick test of your audio on Zoom before your lesson can make sure it’s picking up your voice properly. Make sure you are comfortable with your setup before your lesson begins so you are not worried about a wobbly webcam or loose laptop!

4. Stand in the Light!

Make sure your lighting is good enough to clearly show your face, mouth and body while you sing. Facing a window so you have daylight shining on you is best, or having a light on in front of you for those darker, evening lessons will help to make sure I’m not teaching your shadow!

5. Limit Distractions Around You

From family and housemates coming in and out of your lesson room to notifications on your phone, see if you can eliminate these external distractions for your lesson time. Let people you live with know when your lesson is so they can leave you to it for an hour. The more focused you are, the more we will get done (although I love seeing everyone’s pets… So they can stay)! The least amount of background noise in your lesson space will also help to ensure that I can hear your voice optimally and provide you with the best guidance and alterations. 

6. Pre-Prepare Your Zoom!

Time is precious, and lessons often fly by. Make sure you have prepared your Zoom for optimum sound quality (enabling Original Sound) so I can hear you the most clearly! There are different procedures for preparing your sound for Zoom whether you are taking your lesson on a laptop/computer or iPad/iPhone.

Have a read of the end of my New Student Preparation Pack to follow the guidelines for setting up the sound for your device!


Make sure that you have any backing tracks we are using in the lesson pre-loaded on a separate device (like your phone) so they are ready to go. Using backing tracks on the same device as your lesson can negatively impact the Zoom audio and visual quality, so do take the time to set this up before your lesson begins to ensure we can spend more time singing and less time organising!

8. Have Resources with You

A bottle of water is crucial to have with you for your lesson (read more about why hydration is so important for singing!). Having a pencil and a notepad to hand (or your Notes on your phone if you’re more techy!) is also really beneficial to make sure you don’t forget any new exercises and adjustments that we make to your songs. Print off your sheet music or lyrics if you can before your lesson, so you have somewhere to refer to when practising your songs between lessons.

The more squiggles and notes, the better!

9. Plug in Your Laptop!

It might seem like an obvious one… But it’s easy to forget! There’s nothing more annoying than your laptop dying halfway through a lesson and taking ages to reboot, so make sure you’re all set up with plenty of battery charge before your lesson begins!

10. Consider Investing in Your Set Up

While it is not essential, an external microphone can really boost the sound quality of our call. Headphones are also beneficial (in-ear headphones are idea, and they have a microphone built in!). If you have followed all of the previous steps, any additional purchases should not be needed, but are optional if you would like to invest in your lesson quality even further!

Finally, think about any questions you may have or certain things you want to work on during the lesson. Your lessons are for you, and together we can make the most of the lesson time to ensure you are working on songs you love and seeing your voice go from strength to strength!

Find out more about my online singing lessons!

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