The Best Way to Learn Your Lines

Line learning can be tedious, frustrating and anxiety-provoking when the lines don’t seem to want to sink in. There are many ways to go about line learning, and there is no one-style-fits-all answer. Whether you are learning lines for songs, plays, monologues, or public speaking, I can help you to develop effective techniques to absorb those words that suit you!

Calm Your Nerves

When we have an upcoming event and lines to learn for it, whether it is a public performance, speech or exam, the anxiousness we can feel about the impending performance can negatively impact how we take in the lines. Make sure that you take the time to get yourself into a productive, calm mindset before beginning to try and learn any lines. Ensure that the working environment you plan to work on your lines in is free of distractions; put your phone away for a while, switch off the TV, and allow yourself to fully focus your attention on the task in hand. I can provide you with quick and easy exercises to help use your nervous energy productively, allowing you to make the most of the time you commit to absorbing your lines.

Find Your Technique

Our minds all work differently, and so different methods of memorising work better for different people. When we revise for exams, some people do best by making flashcards, writing things out to reinforce their learning, whilst others benefit more from teaching others their exam content, and others perhaps by drawing out colour-coded spider diagrams. This process is no different to learning lines, and it may take a few attempts to figure out which memorisation method is the most effective for you. I can talk you through several techniques for you to trial; you may quickly discover which ones are less beneficial to you, and even find a combination of methods works best.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Regardless of which of the technique(s) you decide to utilise for your line-learning, each one requires a good amount of repetition to best ensure the content, in whatever form it may be, sticks in your mind as concretely as possible. Give yourself plenty of time ahead of your performance or event to allow yourself to learn your lines sufficiently; cramming is rarely effective, and will likely cause you to feel less certain of your abilities ahead of your performance. Give yourself the best possible chance of performing to your full capability by giving your future self the optimal preparations.

To find out which line-learning techniques I both personally use and recommend to all of my students, please get in touch!

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