What Are the Benefits of Online Singing Lessons?

In March this year, following the announcement of UK lockdown, I made the quick decision to change over all of my in-person lessons to online within the space of a week. I am so proud of my students for how well they coped with this changeover, and just as proud as those who have started their singing journeys with me online during this uncertain time.

I NEVER would have thought that online lessons was something I could offer, but 7 months on, it’s a platform I will continue to utilise for my lessons… forever!

Here are the main benefits of taking your singing lessons online:

No Travelling Required!

You’ve got to admit that being able to open your laptop/iPad, log into Zoom and have your singing lesson from the comfort of your own home is pretty good!? As there are no travel requirements for either of us, there is so much more freedom in when we can schedule your lesson in. Not only are you saving time by having no travel involved, you also save money on petrol… win!

zoe mace online singing lessons laptop

Watch Your Lessons Back!

There’s nothing worse than finishing a lesson and forgetting all of those handy little tricks we worked on to get that song sounding just right. With Zoom lessons, you can record your lessons and save them, so you’ve got them to watch back and practice with whenever you like!

It’s also really helpful to watch yourself back after a lesson to check your posture, how your mouth/jaw/chin is being used, and to spot any areas of tension that you may not have been aware of during your lesson. It also helps to listen back to me (you can’t escape me!) and try out any techniques we have worked on in your own time – some things may click better after your lesson!

Keep Chilled!

Taking your lessons in your own home allows you to feel totally relaxed for your lesson. While the first online lesson may feel a little daunting, I promise it does not take long at all to adjust to this way of doing things, and the positives definitely outweigh the negatives! By feeling more relaxed in your lesson, you will naturally reduce the amount of tension held in your body when you sing, which will have a significant positive impact on your vocal sound!

young girl singing lessons online with laptop

Share Music/Videos Easily!

Zoom makes it so easy for us to instantly share videos, sheet music, whiteboards, backing tracks… anything really! When in-person lessons resume, I will not be able to hand my students sheet music or music books, in order to reduce potential contamination. This is not an issue online, as we can easily send each other documents with no threat to either of us of contracting or passing on nasty germs!

Stay Safe!

Obviously, the main reason I began teaching online was to keep us all safe. There is absolutely no possibility of spreading or contracting anything, no need to wear a mask, sanitise (although make sure you’re washing your hands on the reg anyway..) or hold back on singing fully. You can sing to your heart’s content in the knowledge that you are totally safe!

zoe mace teaching online

Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Online Singing Lessons

There are a few things you can do to ensure you are getting the most out of your online singing lessons:

1. Ensure that you have a good, reliable WiFi connection

2. Plug your laptop/iPad in so it doesn’t die half way through a lesson… it happens…!

3. Ensure that you have a comfortable space to take your lesson in, free of distractions, with enough room to stand and sit

4. Consider using a separate microphone and headphones to your laptop (this is not essential, but it does improve the experience. Apple headphones with mics are great!)

5. Have a second device (e.g. mobile phone) to play your backing track through

6. Hit the ‘Record’ button in your Zoom meeting to record your lesson!

There has never been a better time to start online singing lessons than now.

We have done all of the trial and error work, and it is more successful than ever to have a safe, enjoyable singing lesson delivered straight through your device!

See you soon!

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