Why Have a Singer for an Event?

In our modern world, it is very easy to stream a playlist of your favourite songs directly to a sound system and consider your event sound catered for. However, nothing can ever truly replace the buzz that is created in a room when an event singer performs live for you and your guests.

Here are some of the main reasons you should consider having a live singer at your next big event!

Create The Most Special Atmosphere with a Singer for an Event

With the increased accessibility of streaming songs nowadays, pre-recorded music can come across predictable. While it’s lovely to know that your favourite voices will be played, there is something truly special about having a singer cover your favourite songs to set the tone for your event, be it a wedding, big birthday or corporate event.

A live singer at an event is guaranteed to intrigue your audience, captivate their minds and ears, and even provide them with an entirely new listening experience to a well-known song that they may have never considered before. A live singer can create a real talking point for your guests and show that extra thought has gone into their enjoyment of the occasion as well as your own.

A Personalised Performance

Alongside being a special addition to the occasion, with a singer at an event you also have the ability to personalise your music much more so than you would be able to with pre-recorded music. For example, you could take a well-loved dance song and ask your singer to transform it into a classical-crossover cover (this is one of my favourite things to do – take a look at my classical cover of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill!). 

You can also personalise more intricate details in a performance, from how long the introduction is (if it needed to be longer or shorter for entrances/exits/awards, etc) or to change the lyrics to dedicate it to a special person. You can have a lot more freedom with the key of the songs, the tempo, the genre – the limits are endless when performed by a live singer!

Move Your Guests

Music has an undeniable ability to move us all, whether it’s heightening our emotional state or encouraging us to get on the dance floor. Enhance your guest experience at your event further with the added emotion brought from a live singer or musician; the pure feeling of having someone performing live with everything at stake to put across their best performance can really heighten the atmosphere for you and your guests. 

In the classical-crossover world, there really is nothing like hearing someone sing a super high note in a well-known aria, but even more so to hear it performed live. Some of my favourite classical-crossover songs to perform that audiences seem to love the most include Nessun Dorma, O Mio Babbino Caro, Time to Say Goodbye and Habañera. Having these sorts of songs performed live by a singer at an event can really add a special, moving moment for your guests, and perhaps be the first time they have heard some of these well-loved classical songs performed live!

There are endless reasons why having a live singer at an event can truly elevate the listening experience for you and your guests. While it is an extra expense to consider, the addition of live performance can really deliver a unique, personalised and moving element to your day that pre-recorded music will never be able to match. 

If you’d like to discuss me singing at your event, whether it be for a wedding, birthday, corporate event or something else, please get in touch below!


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